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Drawing with scissors + Making a GIF

Challenging the ordinary conventions of drawing, in this workshop we drew with scissors.

I tired not to think to much about how or what I was going to create as only using scissors and paper to create images is not something I have tried. I've found that I create more interesting results if I just experiment with what I have and see how it turns out, rather than planning out the idea of what my 'final image' will look like, from the beginning.

I collected a variety of different marks, half from rubbings using black chalk on white or coloured paper, and the other half from photographs, which I then printed and enlarged on photoshop. This meant that when it came to creating my images later, I had lots of textural marks to work with. I could have created some more lighter toned marks, looking back, as I did struggle to distinguish the marks when cutting up the pages to create an image, as they were all fairly dark (perspective image).

This is why, in my images where I created a figure and a landscape for them to be in, I used my original rubbings (not photocopies) as the paper was cream/brown so this stood out as a more natural tone compared to the vivid white page the photocopies were on. For the 'werewolf/fox' figure, this emphasised the natural creature aesthetic, and also helped to distinguish features, from chest to face and nose.

I took these images and edited them in Photoshop, playing around with creating perspective (like in one of my earlier images from the day) and lighting to give the image atmosphere. I combined the kitchen scenery image I'd made, with the werewolf in the image below. I enjoyed playing with adding blending modes between layers, adding shadows and paint brush textures to the scene, and editing the colours to further develop the natural brown tones I liked in my werewolf paper image I initially had.

I tried to make a Gif of the werewolf howling, and used photoshop to slightly alter the image so that i could move the head, jaw and ears slightly for an animation. This was obviously very time consuming, but I enjoyed making it, and I think that the final outcome is worth the time and struggles that come with trying to edit the image, but keep the proportions consistent. When I tried to save the file as a Gif, photoshop kept saying there was an error, I tried re making it on a new file through the Uni computers, instead of my own, but the message kept appearing. So instead, I exported it as an Mp4 video file and used a website to convert this to a Gif.

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