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Visiting lecturer: Russel Cobb

I was intrigued by Russel Cobb’s illustrative style. The bright colours and blocky shapes alongside decorative elements really appealed to me and the type of drawing that I enjoy. I was particularly interested in his on location drawing and so I asked what media he uses. He uses Rotring/lettering pens and I think I will experiment with these in the future. The neat but detailed drawings he creates using this make his sketchbooks bold and exciting. In the Documentary Unit I used dip ink pens which created the best results, but these were messy so I have been looking for an alternative, especially to work with on location.

His thoughts on drawing, particularly the use of sketchbooks, were inspiring as I struggle to do independent work that isn’t part of a course set brief. Therefore, as Russel mentioned, using the sketchbook as a diary, brainstorming log and allowing for subconscious observation is a different way of considering it. Contrasting to how I tend to picture sketchbooks which is as a means for developing a final piece, I could use my independent sketchbook as a diary and possible source for inspiration later.

During this forthcoming self promotion unit I will be identifying my personal interests and my artistic style which will be sent in a postcard formatted illustrations to companies I am interested in working with/for. Although it is early stages in terms of my career prospects, I am excited to be able to self direct this project entirely from what interests me. At the moment, I am contemplating the following subject matter:

History (BBC Radio 4 'In Our Time' Podcasts as inspiration)

Geography (specifically cartography)

BBC World Service 'Outlook' Podcasts


- Superheroes

- Musicals

- Historical representations of events e.g. 'The Post', 'Lion' or 'Hidden Figures'

- Film production and important developments (inspired by book '100 Ideas that changed film')

- Documentarie (e.g. 'Blackfish', 'Dinosaur 13')

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