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Illustrations © Claire Marchant 2019

Event Poster for 'No Incinerator 4 Horsham Community Group'

Watercolour and ink illustration accompanying the text provided by client (No Incinerator 4 Horsham Community Group) to advertise their upcoming fundraising event. I have a strong belief in Ni4H's campaign to protect my hometown, the local environment and the impact which an incinerator would have upon our climate and health.

September 2019


Elderly Reminiscence and Loneliness Awareness Book

This project was inspired by, and in response to the objects from, the 'Reminiscence Loan Boxes' at Horsham Museum and Art Gallery. I intend for this book to open opportunities for conversations between older and younger generations through the ice-breaker of reminiscence imagery and writing. 

December 2018

The Archive of Anne Bonny

By combining a humorous take on historical events, places and people, this fictitious archive collection explores the life and lies of the little known historical figure: Anne Bonny. Traditional and contemporary production techniques were used including block lino printing, InDesign newspaper layouts, paper staining and laser-cutting for the archive box.

In these outcomes, I am striving to encourage younger audiences to ignite a passion for discovering female historical figures who did not make it to the text books.

To see the digital archive with fictional descriptions of how these were 'collected', visit:


April 2019


Selection of ink illustrations used in 'Oh yes, that brings back memories'

Superstition: Risograph Print

Risograph print created in InDesign inspired by the superstition that killing an Albatross brings bad luck to a ship at sea. This was made as part of a collective project of illustrators responding to different superstitions from around the world.

October 2018


'An Alpaca's Reflection' - Children's book Illustrations 

These illustrations respond to a poem I have written, discussing the culturally significant subject of immigration. It follows the journey of a child migrant through the character of a young Alpaca calf. 

May 2018


Dinosaur Postcard Series

Using my preferred media, dip ink pens, I created this series of postcards to promote my illustrations. Inspired by the fossil filled coastline of southern England, this narrative series shows a Palaeontologist building a travel size T-Rex. 

February 2018


Penguin Book's Student Design Awards Entry

This cover incorporates photographic elements of the imagery referenced in the story. This cover was created in response to Penguin Book's Student Design Awards brief. 

January 2018

Logo Designing

I created two logos inspired by historical figures (first: Harry Houdini, second: Charles Darwin).  The third logo is my personal logo which I use across my digital platforms. It illustrates my love of ink, paint and nature through a sketched 'C' shaped moon and 'M' mountain. These were drawn in Adobe Photoshop and transformed to vector in Adobe Illustrator.

February 2018

Museum Observational Illustrations

As part of my Documentary Unit investigating the Museum of Farnham, I created investigatory images using dip ink pens and watercolour in response to the variety of artefacts and environments at the location.

October 2017



'Potter Around'

My final outcome from my Documentary Project. I had the opportunity to experiment with film, sound, animation and frame editing whilst working on this piece. This is aimed to raise awareness of small museums and the treasures they contain. Every time you potter around, you see something new and see a bigger picture of your local history.

October 2017


Animated GIFs

Motion graphics are an increasingly important aspect of online content and promotion, and, as I enjoy making animated content, I decided to experiment with looping animations called GIFs. These utilise my passion for creating textured illustrations by using: scanned rubbing textures, oil pastels and charcoal. I used 2D animation techniques and Photoshop digital editing to create them. The clown gif was submitted as a flip book for the NAPA competition in 2018.

December 2016 - September 2018


Location Navigation


Combining ink and photography to document how perspectives change as an area is explored; focusing on a walled courtyard and its busy surrounding corridors.

May 2017


Digital Painting - Concept Art

With a brief to create one historical and one contemporary concept art digital painting of different locations, I chose Kotor (where I had visited) and New York City (where I one day hope to visit). Included here are the base perspective lines I used as reference throughout the process.

November 2015


Book Cover Designing

Inspired by the television show 'Castle' which I love, I re-designed their accompanying crime/mystery book cover using the maps of its setting (NYC) as a basis.

May 2015

Digital Photo Montage

In my self-titled photography project 'Contrasts' I explored the contrast between remembrance, representation and experience. These images are a combination of my own poppy display photographs and my Grandad's photographs, documents and medals that he was awarded for his service in World War II. This was a deeply personal project and I felt I gained a greater understanding of my family member's experience of the War as well as finding a way to express the solemn remembrance experienced my myself and many others today.

October 2014