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Minalima’s Graphic Art of Harry Potter Exhibition

This was a great opportunity to see first hand the range and extraordinary detail put into each piece of Graphic Art that was used throughout the Harry Potter film franchise. Visiting the Exhibition in one of their last days late December 2015, at the Coningsby Gallery, London.

I had seen some of the art pieces at the Warner Brothers Studio Tour at Leavesden Studios, but the presentation of these prints at the Exhibition, really showed off their colour and texture features which were difficult to see in the glass cases at the Studio Tours. The decoration around the exhibition rooms also added to the magical feeling, with stamps on the ground and fun coloured wallpaper inspired by Weasley Wizard Wheezes sweet/joke shop from the books and films.

I particularly loved the book cover below “The Life and Lies of Albus Dumbledore” by Rita Skeeter. Many of the elements were gold foil which, under the bright lights, really shone and stood made the writing (book title) stand out. Furthermore, the clashing colours, often used in Minalima’s designs for this film franchise, reflect the pinks and greens that the ‘Rita Skeeter’ character adopts in the films. The reptilian skin texture for the cover also connects to the crocodile skin bag the character famously uses. This texture adds an aged feeling to the design, whereas the colours shout modern. This is often the case with this film franchise which combines elements of historic, aged architecture, objects and locations with the vibrant colours that place it in the present day.

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