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The importance of Photography

9 Jun 2018

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What are my interests? Thoughts on Self Promotion

20 Jan 2018

During this forthcoming self promotion unit I will be identifying my personal interests and my artistic style which will be sent in postcard formatted illustrations to companies I am interested in working with/for. Although it is early stages in terms of my career prospects, I am excited to be able to self direct this project entirely from what interests me. At the moment, I am contemplating the following subject matter:



History (BBC Radio 4 'In Our Time' Podcasts as inspiration)

- Dickens' final novel?

- Feathered Dinosaurs?

- Pocahontas

Geography (specifically cartography)

BBC World Service 'Outlook' Podcasts

- Story of Lost war memorabilia re-united with families it belongs to

- Crime scene divers and LA Tar pit exploration

- Rescuing animals from zoos in war zones

Film + TV

- Superheroes

- Animation

- Visual Effects

- Blockbusters (Star Wars, Harry Potter etc)

- American Broadcasting (New shows, cancelations, contract negotiations, all the things that go alongside TV production)

- Historical representations of events e.g. 'The Post', 'Lion' or 'Hidden Figures'

- Literary Adaptations (Room, Paper Towns etc)

- Film production and important developments (inspired by book '100 Ideas that changed film')

- Documentarie (e.g. 'Blackfish', 'Dinosaur 13')


I think that I will focus on dinosaurs as my starting idea for my self promotion postcards.

I have been interested in Dinosaurs from a young age, from watching BBC's 'Walking with Dinosaurs' when it was likely not appropriate for my young age of 3 or 4! And then, before streaming services online was invented, at age 11 I became hooked on the first TV series box-set I ever bought: ITV's 'Primeval', all about dinosaurs appearing in our modern world. In writing this and looking at both shows online, I have discovered they were both created by Adrian Hodges and Tim Haines, interesting....


A week ago I listened to the BBC 'In Our Time' Podcast about Feathered Dinosaurs and fell in love with the subject all over again.



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