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Construct, observe and reimagine

Sometimes it's important to step out of your comfort zones, step out of reality and make something that you've never seen before. That's exactly what we did in this group workshop. Using found object such as paper cups, wooden pegs and toothpicks we each made an object.

From this, we drew it from different angles, perspectives, lighting and using different media each time to really push us out of our comfort zones.

The image below left is created through tracing my object's shadow in charcoal with blue oil pastel drawing over the top to show what it actually looks like. The bright blue on white works well as the crisp colours contrast the rougher tones of the charcoal underneath. This is why I also used the crisp oil pastel lines on the drawing on the right. For a step by step style guide to making my 'building' as the simple style makes it easy to understand and follow. The separate colours also make this more aesthetically interesting.

I used block lines again when it came to putting our individually made 'buildings' together to construct a cityscape. This time, however, I experimented with chalk ask it's the quickest way to show the angular structures of the buildings, and emphasise the geometric shapes they're formed from. Adding a horizon line helps ground the drawing here. I am not used to working in such simple minimalistic styles, at college we mainly created still life drawings which required detailed shadow and form. This workshop, although challenging, has given me some ideas for media and techniques that can be used to create quick works which are bright and exciting.

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