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27 Jan 2017

Inspired by the icy, cracked textures I had documented during my visits to Brookwood Cemetery, I created these quick ink sketches. The dip ink pen allowed me to create scratchy textures and use thick/thin lines to draw the viewer's attention to important elements - the...

26 Jan 2017

Photograph has been a passion of mine since I happened upon studying Photography A-Level at College. So, when I went to Brookwood cemetery, and the weather wasn't particularly conducive to sitting and drawing from observation (snowing), I took lots of photos.

Textures h...

20 Jan 2017

Visiting lecturers are always inspirational or motivational. Gaining in depth knowledge on working practitioners in the field I am studying for is invaluable. I had looked up some of Toby Morison's work online before his talk, but hearing how he designed them and his r...

15 Jan 2017

Sometimes it's important to step out of your comfort zones, step out of reality and make something that you've never seen before. That's exactly what we did in this group workshop. Using found object such as paper cups, wooden pegs and toothpicks we each made an object...

3 Jan 2017

I found the book above in the library, and I liked the aesthetic of the 1960's/70's USA (or around then I'm guessing). I particularly liked the black and white image above taken by Cindy Sherman. The composition use of Rule of Thirds to have the foreground figure drawi...

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